Rendered Hope Outreach

"Footprints in history are not made sitting down."

Hello there and thank you for your interest in this ministry. What is Rendered Hope? It is a large dream in its small beginnings. It is a quest to make a difference in the life of someone in smile at a time.
There are two different divisions.

First, is the homeless ministry. It is a simple and affordable mission where we personally hand bags of necessities to homeless people in communities around us. But not only do they need items, they need companionship, we visit with them and try as best we can to help them help themselves off the street.

Recently, we launched the sex trafficking ministry. As of date it is only a place for awareness but my mission is to provide a light in the darkness for the women trapped in the prostitution trade. We will be hand delivering roses to them to remind them that they are beautiful in the sight of God and that they are not alone.

The burn inside me has become too much to bear and the task too enormous to conquer alone. So join me and lets shed a little light of hope in a world consumed by despair.