How can you get involved?
Hey there! My name is Rebecca and I am founder of Rendered Hope Outreach. I want to encourage you to get involved in your community. Whether it's through this ministry or through your local outreach, get moving! If you're already ministering to your community, please tell us what you're doing. Let's work together to leave a legacy for our Father! It's time to change the world's opinion of the church and remind them that God is a god of LOVE!   
To get involved with our homeless ministry don't hesitate to email us or check out our Facebook page. We can supply you with the information you need to put together your own bags to distribute. Once we have our 501c3, we will be able to send you our bags that are under $10 as well as launch coat drives, our Christmas Wish program, etc.
As for the sex trafficking ministry I would suggest watching the movie Trade to get a true picture of it as well as valuable information in the special features. I will warn you, it is a rough movie. Don't watch with children. If you would like some more information let me know.
Thank you for your interest in our call and mission. This website is just getting started so be sure to check back for more information as well as media! God bless.